Farmer's Mkt Finds 7|09|16

This weeks Rose Moss Farmer's Market Flower find was quite successful. I was able to get a fantastic mockup for a client in October (post otw) and also this wonderful pink palette arrangement pictured below. I got most of my fleurs from the Napping Cat Flower Farm and my Mom's spectacular 2016 cutting garden. 

The pink arrangement below was inspired by the hot pink cockscomb I found from the Napping Cat. Everything just kinda of came together. My mom has a lot of hot pink in her garden this year and the NCFF had so much to compliment the vibrant cockscomb. A friend called while I was arranging and we had a great time catching up so I feel like the arrangement definitely came from the heart. Hence it's heart like shape.. :) 

The mix of fleurs includes: hot pink cockscomb, magenta celosia, peachy pink globe amaranth, light pink dahlias, peachy/orange dahlias, hot pink zinnias, muted nude zinnias with hot pink centers (we ordered these from Floret Flower Farm this year), peachy pink zinnias, sweet pea, spider flowers, mint variety with pink tones, blue salvia, fox tail, asparagus fern, and dark purple/pink status.