Local Lovlies

Our local Farmer's Market is on Wednesday and Saturday's in Market Square. I try to go on Saturday's as often as possible - since Wednesday is pretty much out of the question...for now.. :). I went early May - the 14th, I know because I had a Sunday wedding on the 15th and found some radical locally grown fleurs - larkspur. One of the local flower farms, Sevier Blumen, had several bundles along with his pre made arrangements. I, of course, scooped up two bundles: one for me and one for the wedding. My friend and I then had a mini photo shoot on the walk home from the market. The coloring on the larkspur was so gorgeous! I wish I had dried the darker purple. I hear it looks nice and holds up well. The lighter purple I used in the brides bouquet and it STOLE. THE. SHOW. 

Later that day my pal told me where some gorgeous hollyhock grew. I wasn't going to miss this... so we headed over to the road it grows on...and then we had another mini shoot. So much prettier in person, and we were loosing the light. But gorgeous as ever!